August 14, 2010


In light of my custom printed postcard giveaway, I think we might have a postcard-themed week-or-so. If you've got any interesting sites or products I should mention, feel free to let me know.

On to today's topic - PostCrossing!

Honestly, I love this site. It's a new level of penpal. Instead of having one person who you write back and forth to and eventually run out of things to say, you can continually send postcards to new people! You can also respond to the postcards you receive - or not - as you choose. Every time someone requests an address, it is chosen at random from their database and you will receive as many postcards from new people as you send out to new people (I say "new people" because responses aren't counted). You can customize your profile to give people an idea of what you like to hear about, too, so you're not always getting the same generic info.

It's a great way to learn about different parts of the world. If you use custom printed postcards, you might also get a few more viewers on your website - or you might just be enabling them to respond via e-mail instead of postcard, which will save you both some money if you really get talking.

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