September 12, 2010

HP Pavillion laptop issues

I got this laptop a few years ago, and I've had problem after problem from it. Hopefully I just got a bad laptop and anyone else out there with the same model isn't having insane issues... but this is insane.

Issues, in order of occurrence:

  1. Entire laptop shut off one day and wouldn't turn on again. Took it in, had it fixed, entire harddrive wiped... luckily, it wasn't that old, so all the stuff from my old laptop was still on my external harddrive.
  2. Wifi stopped working. It started working again the next day, but this has since happened once every few months.
  3. My speakers stopped working.
  4. My mic stopped working.
  5. My keys stick repeatedly no matter how careful I am to keep them clean.
  6. The hinge broke this morning (it may have had something to do with the baby grabbing my screen, but still...), and because of the way it broke the casing on the back of my screen won't stay on and my screen is a little floppy. Obviously, the computer still works... but it's a little aggravating.
Hopefully we'll be able to afford a new one in the next month or two - and this time, it's vaio all the way! Best specs I've found - and it comes with Photoshop Elements! Not only that, but you get some basic version of word and excel, none of this 30-day trial crap.

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