September 22, 2010

Moving to ArtFire

In light of recent events on Etsy, I am considering moving to ArtFire and leaving Etsy behind. So far, ArtFire is amazing. Everyone is so helpful, you don't have to be rude to get attention, and there are so many amazing tools right there on the site... I can't find a downside, really. I keep being totally shocked whenever I find something new. That's what I get for just jumping onto the first crafting site I found (Etsy) instead of shopping around.

Let me make it absolutely clear that this is not about the Etsy privacy breach itself. It is about the fact that they took so long to notify those who could have been affected by it. There are many people out there who go to great lengths to keep their identities secret because they have been in dangerous situations in the past. If someone had an alert out for one of these people's names, they could have easily shown up at their door and done who knows what long before Etsy sent out the e-mail notifying them that they could be in danger. Yes, it was posted on the forums, but only about 2% of Etsy users actually visit the forums. That's a lot of people left uninformed and in danger.

I think I will stay on Etsy until after the holidays, because someone made a good point in saying that some of my hearts may turn into sales... but afterwards... well, we'll see.

My ArtFire shop:


  1. Let us know how it goes on ArtFire. I've thought about leaving Etsy just because of the overwhelming amount of stuff there - it's near impossible to be seen. But then, there's also customer traffic, and I don't know how other sites compare in that area.

  2. Honestly, I've only really been on AF for 2 days... but if the holidays weren't coming up, I would have left Etsy already. I almost left yesterday, but someone made a point of mentioning to me that closing a venue (where I have quite a few hearts) could be detrimental just before the holidays.

    I don't see any reason to go on selling at a place that doesn't follow basic internet "rules" for SEO in search, constantly tries to siphon more money out of their members, never comes out with seller tools that people have been asking for since the beginning and doesn't take simple things like customer service and safety seriously.

    I wish I had checked out AF earlier. Some of their features (like coupon codes) were things that I thought were just on every seller's site (until I found Etsy)... seems like common sense to me. Other things are just like "wow, I wouldn't have thought of that" but they're so useful!

    Plus people can buy without creating an account, so people finding me on google aren't turned away. And I can sell wherever I want and they don't care. Someone could find me, start an e-mail conversation and buy directly from me at my house and I wouldn't get called on "fee avoidance".