October 25, 2010

Working on a website

So I finally managed to get my domain name transfered from Soopsee to Dreamhost (technical difficulties, lol). I was originally just going to send it to ArtFire and leave Etsy completely after the holidays. However, I'm starting to get fairly well known on Etsy for my photoshop templates and other digital supplies. So I think I might take the risk and leave only my digital supplies on Etsy, but move everything else to ArtFire.

Before I get a huge uproar, let me explain... I'm finally starting to realize what people mean when they say things like "I want to leave Etsy, but I need to make a living". I'm by no means a huge seller, but my digital products have been paying for groceries for the last week or so and I'm starting to get some repeat customers as well as waking up to special requests a few times a week.

So I'm going to put the stuff I want to be selling (my crafts, my photography, ect) on ArtFire and continue promoting it. I think I'm a lot more likely to sell that stuff on ArtFire because anyone can wander in and purchase without making an account. The digital supplies will stay on Etsy because that's really all I ever sell there. It's really not surprising if you think about it. You have to be a member to buy, most people won't become a member just to buy something they find randomly on google... so you're selling to sellers. Of course supplies will do better! Most of the time when someone "hearts" your work over there, it's "hey, I could make that", not "I'll be back later to buy this".

Anyways, I'm on reading week now, so hopefully I can throw together a website in the next week using the css and html I've learned in the last month and a half.

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