November 1, 2010

Does anyone pay attention to Google ads anymore?

So I got a coupon a while back for $100 in free advertising with Google. I figured this was a perfect way to get into paid advertising, get an idea of what works and what doesn't, ect. So this week after I finished my website and got it online, I activated the coupon.

I have a chrome extension that gets rid of the ads showing up beside Google searches. The only way Google ads get to me is by showing up in the little bar above my e-mails, and I don't find those nearly as annoying as the ads in searches - in fact, I generally find them very useful. That's where I found the site that is currently making me the most money.

Anyways, I'm starting to wonder if the rest of the world also has this extension. I'm new to text ads, I still have a lot to learn, I didn't really expect to get a lot of clicks... but I would have expected at least one person out of 348 (the current number of impressions showing in my Google AdWords account) to click.

My campaign is ending soon and I haven't used up much of the coupon, so I guess I'll do some research and try to do better next time.


  1. What's the website that's making the most money for you? Please do share :D

    You have one person here, who's definitely going to click awayy!

  2. Do you mean advertising wise? I've only really tried google, though I've also had a bit of success with Project Wonderful on various blogs. I mainly only do Project Wonderful to support my favorite bloggers, though.

    If you mean selling venues... well, I'm still just a little start-up business. I haven't really made much money anywhere. Made a bit on Etsy, a bit on ArtFire (though it doesn't show in my stats because they were custom requests and we just went straight through paypal)... To be perfectly honest, it's still my freelance writing that's bringing in the real money each month. But hopefully that will change soon enough.