August 25, 2010

Beautiful and Practical Gifts

In my mind, the best gifts are both beautiful and practical. So here is a list of beautiful and practical items that have been building up in my favorites on Etsy (on multiple accounts).

I was in a chat room yesterday when I found the maker of this lovely bouquet. Unfortunately this is the only one she has up at the moment - but wouldn't it make a lovely housewarming or wedding shower gift? The butterflies are magnets, the flower is a scrubbie and the base is made up of 3 dish cloths and a measuring cup. Everything (except the measuring cup, obviously) is lovingly crocheted by strwberri1.

This sling is absolutely gorgeous. I'll probably be fairly upset if it sells before I can afford it - but I guess I could always request one if someone does snatch it up. BabyEtte's shop is full of all sorts of slings - any of which would make a perfect baby shower gift. Sling are awesome because they can be used for years, unlike most of the gifts people get at baby showers. Even other carriers are usually only good for the first year or so (our little guy barely fits in his at 11 months), but slings can be used for as long as you're willing to lug them around - and they double as breast feeding covers.

If you have long hair, you know that you can never have enough hair ties. I just found these ones today and they have to be some of the nicest I've come across. I requested a set in reds, yellows and oranges because those are usually what my wardrobe centers around. Each button is covered in leather and painted with enamel paints - and the elastics are easily interchangeable/replaceable. An easy way to jazz up the simple pony tail that many people wear. If you love leather, it's worth your while to check out the rest of the items in Scotatto's shop. What originally led me to her shop was a gorgeous and original tote that I would have snatched up in an instant if I'd had the money.

Looking for a modern, original way to display your fruit? Fruit bowls seem to be a thing of the past, and this display will definitely get your guests talking. You can arrange the 8 pieces however you want, and they look just as beautiful on their own as they do with fruit sitting on top. Amischeiviousmarriage makes this display and a few others in many different types of wood including walnut (pictured), mahogany, cherry, oak and maple.

This travel alarm clock sold before I found it - but if you're lucky, you'll find a similar one (they get snatched up quickly, in my experience). I love the color of this one, and who doesn't need an alarm clock? I know I'm completely lost without one. Krzy4Btns sells tons of beautiful vintage items including (as the name suggests) tons of vintage buttons and some beautiful, colorful accessories - her daughter jokingly refers to her as "the flower lady" because of the wide assortment of brightly painted enamel flower brooches she collects and sells.

Paintingfromtheheart makes beautifully painted business card holders (as well as some stunning jewelery, home decor and trinket boxes). They are shaped like tiny briefcases and painted with various patterns and images. Each one holds about 12 business cards and comes with a calculator fitted in - you can also remove the calculator to double the number of cards. If you don't have a use for business cards but find a design you like, you could always use it for SD cards, flash drives, credit cards, ID... whatever you can think of.

This apron is gorgeous. Some people I've shown it to think it's insanely over the top - but I would buy it and wear it whether I was baking or not if I could. I absolutely love the colors, and I've never seen an apron in quite this style before. All of Phormas' aprons have a certain original, artistic flare that I wish I saw more often. One day I will somehow be rich and be able to buy my entire wardrobe on Etsy, until then, I will fave and stare longingly at all the wonderful designs.

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