August 24, 2010

Paper Wreaths

My latest creation - paper wreaths made from books the library was going to throw out (because they were damaged or out dated). I had asked them for a bunch to do a series of cutouts I've been working on and ended up with way too many. So I sketched out some ideas for using the rest and came up with paper wreaths. Not as complex as some other ideas I had, but sometimes simple is better.

Check it out! I'm going to be making a ton more for the holiday season.

This one is available on Etsy (just click the image) for $40 + shipping. If you find me at a craft sale, they'll be $60-ish, though. Why? Because these things are huge (about 24" in diameter and 11" from back to front) and cost around $50 in shipping (and that's just for my fellow Canadians) - so I gave my online customers a bit of a break.

This one was left kind of neutral because although it's full of fall colors it could easily be used as a year-round decoration. The holiday ones I'll be making will have some extra decoration - maybe poinsettias or something, I'm not sure yet.

If you're looking for a holiday wreath, I'm currently taking orders. You can post here and I'll e-mail you back or you can click "contact" on the Etsy listing. I can only take so many orders, and people are already showing interest, so be sure to contact me soon if you'd like one.

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