August 2, 2010

USB Typewriter!

I absolutely love gadgets. I can't get enough of them. I just wish I had the budget to keep up with my obsession... Anyways, I stumbled on a gadget that I think is totally awesome and I had to share it with you guys (if anyone's even reading my 2 day old blog).

It's an old typewriter which has been modified to function as a USB keyboard. It works with PC and Mac, including iPad. I wish I had a use for it - it would be kind of redundant with my laptop, though. If/when I get my hands on an iPad, I will definitely get one.

If anyone's interested, they are available on Etsy, and if this one has sold out don't worry, there are plenty more in the store. Just keep checking back until you find a style you like.


  1. Yes, it is for real... and most people would appreciate it if you didn't post on their blog just to advertise. Though if you have something you think they'd be interested in or something similar to say, you could word it that way...

    You should put a link to your blog on your profile, though. Lots of people will check your profile if you comment on their blog.