September 3, 2010

Best Business Card Printer Ever!

Seriously, I have tried many business card printers and have never, ever been as happy with any of them as I am with Moo. They have an amazing user interface, unique designs, quality printing and amazing customer service - not to mention the fact that my cards always get here earlier than predicted (I just got my latest order today, and they had predicted September 20th!).

They offer two kinds of cards - mini (half-sized) and regular (as well as tons of other neat products). I use the mini cards as product labels and I hand out the regular ones as you normally would.

What is so awesome about Moo's designs? You can pick up to 50 different images, words and/or colors to put on the back of your cards. Have you ever gone to a show and gotten a handful of business cards and then been unable to remember which one had that one item you really liked? Moo gets rid of that problem. Just print different product images on the backs of your cards, and then hand customers a card with an image of the product they're interested in. Then they'll remember. Alternatively, you can put up to 50 different phrases with colored/patterned backgrounds on your cards - or look thought their library of pre-made designs (or upload your own, of course).

But it gets even better. You can upload images directly from Etsy! So all the lovely product photos that you've already uploaded into your shop can easily be transfered to Moo and printed on the backs of your cards! Does it get any better?

(Actually, it does... they print on recycled paper or paper made from sustainable forests... and it's all at amazingly good prices.)

Have I convinced you yet? I have a few discount codes that I've gotten with some of my purchases. If you want to try out Moo, follow my blog, check out their website and leave a comment telling me what you plan on buying first (so I can give you a code that will be useful to you) and I'll send you an e-mail with a code. Do it now, though, I have a limited supply! (Note: these codes are only good for first-time users. If you've used Moo before, you'll just have to wait for one of their many sales.)

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  1. I'm following and I would LOVE some Mini Moos!