September 4, 2010

Opportunity is everywhere.

Really, you never know when you might find a business opportunity - or when you might have an awesome brainwave.

So I went for a walk to the drug store today, and on my way home I remembered a little jewelery store hidden in an alley as I passed it. The store is owned by a friend of my husband's who we hadn't seen in a while, so I wasn't as nervous as I normally would be when approaching a boutique.

So I went in to see if she would be interested in my jewelery - she wasn't really interested in my designs, but she might be interested in my friend Liz's when she send me her stock (I'm managing her shop for her) - but we got to talking and found a few things we could offer each other.

She wants to get online but doesn't have the skills to figure out a website and marketing. I have been online for years, am pretty good at marketing and know a bunch of resources to get her started - plus I'm going to school for computer programming in a few days.

I need to learn to drive, but can't afford lessons. I have my G1, but other than where the pedals and steering wheel are, I know nothing. She teaches driving lessons.

Aren't trades awesome? I went in looking for a sale and came out with a job that will save me a few hundred dollars.

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  1. I love how things work themselves out with time.... networking on accident is always a great thing