January 13, 2011

Hand Painted Upcycled Paper Roses

When I wrote about my hand stamped origami paper in my last post, I was planning on using it to make paper roses. They didn't quite look right, the paper made them look too busy, so I started making them with unpainted paper and painting them minimally afterwards.

Now I have long stemmed roses as well as boutonniers available in my store. I'm working on some more decorated boutonniers as well as some bouquets, but it might be a while before those designs are done. I am hoping, however, to find some larger books so I can make some larger flowers (right now without the stem they only measure about 1").

Each flower takes me about an hour to make. I cut out each sheet of paper, fold it, paint it and assemble it and then spray them all with sealant to protect them against moisture. I can of course make them in whatever color you might want to match your decor or your wedding or any other event.

Red roses symbolize eternal love - and now the roses are eternal, too (well, as long as you don't get them wet).

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