March 1, 2011

Meet Maggie

Meet Maggie. She has been modeling all my jewelry in A Magpie's Dream, but I didn't want to formally introduce her until the wig I ordered for her got here.

Now that her look is complete, she's going to be doing a weekly column and showing off some great handmade jewelry and accessories. She might feature hats, hairpieces, headbands or barettes. She might even have a completely different wig one week, just for fun. She can obviously wear necklaces and I have attached fish hook earrings to her sometimes as well (I can clip her hair out of the way if needed to show off the earrings). She might even be seen wearing scarves or have her new favorite bag sitting beside her.

Right now she is wearing my latest creation - a gold plated necklace with rose quartz and green czech glass beads. It's a perfect addition to a spring wardrobe and it comes with a matching pair of earrings. Click here for more information.

However, in order for her column to include something other than my own jewelry I need help from my fellow artisans. If you have something you would like to see Maggie wearing in her next column, contact me and we'll sort out the details.

Generally, we'll split the shipping costs equally and I'll photograph and return your item to you as quickly as I possibly can. This usually means that it will arrive at my place early in the day, I'll photograph it and I'll have it back at the post office before they close that day. I will keep you updated on everything and provide you with a tracking code after I've shipped your item.

I will also ask you to aprove what I have written about your item before I post it, so that I can make sure I haven't misrepresented it.

Sometimes I might be able to photoshop an item onto Maggie instead of worrying about shipping, but that needs to be figured out on a case by case basis.

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