May 8, 2011

Store Display

I'm working for a small jewelry store in town. In return for watching the store and helping her set up a website (it's not set up yet, will post a link when it's done), the owner is letting me display my jewelry, have a quiet work space away from home and is giving me driving lessons (did I mention we got a van?).

So I thought I'd write a quick blog post to show off my display.

I'm not earning much in the way of cash - she gets commission on my sales, I get commission on hers, and it's a slow time of year - but it's nice to be working again, and I love talking to the customers. 

One of the customers totally made my day yesterday. She liked one of my necklaces but couldn't buy it right away, and she said that if it sells by pay day she wants me to make another one just for her. It's nice to know that people like my jewelry enough to buy it - but liking it enough to have a piece custom made if they can't get the one they were looking at is a much bigger compliment in my mind.


  1. Your display case and jewelry are arranged very nicely for the store. :]

  2. Lauren, reading this post makes me jealous: I wish I had your job. Working in a jewelry store and having a space to display your own work? Too good to be true. Not so much the driving lessons part 'cause I dread the ones I get from my fiance already, lol!

  3. It is an awesome job! And we're getting into busier months, so hopefully I'll start making some sales.