February 16, 2011

CRAYONS! (Handmade, of course)

So I read somewhere recently that somewhere in the U.S. one of the baby milestones is something like "Does he hold a crayon and scribble with it?" around 12 months. My little guy is 16 months, and I think if I had given him a crayon any earlier he would have only been interested in eating it. But I saw this crayon by LilDoodlers on ArtFire. The title said "Perfect for Toddlers" so I thought we'd give it a shot.

It came today, and he's loving it! He doesn't have much of an attention span, so he only sat with it for a few minutes, but I left it out where he can see it and he keeps coming back and making a few scribbles before getting distracted again.

The same seller mentioned that she has an easter egg mold so after this trial run I'm hoping to maybe pick up some of those for Easter.

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