February 9, 2011

SEO optimized descriptions

Just taking a break from a day of SEO work to write a quick blog post about what I've been doing all day. None of it is live yet, but hopefully by tomorrow all my descriptions will be better for SEO. I'm also editing some of my photos while I'm at it. Apparently my screen is darker than most peoples' and some of my photos are over exposed even though they look perfect to me.

So, I've spent most of my day on google adwords using their keyword tool. For every item and for each of my studios, I entered in my current keywords and then made a list of all the popular relevant keywords that I found. It's a neat tool because it tells you approximately how many people search for each keyword each month and gives you an idea of how many competitors are using the same key word.

Then, using these keywords, I'm going to edit my item descriptions and my studio announcements.

If I'm successful in all of this, I should see an increase in views... probably a fairly large increase, since I'm actually planning each description out instead of just quickly writing them out as I list.

In the future, I'm going to do the keyword research and write proper descriptions for each item as I list them, so I don't have to do the whole studio over again and I'll start getting more views right away.

I'm also considering getting a book about SEO to improve even more, but I'm not entirely sure if there would be any information in it that I can't already find online. If anyone has any good books to recommend, though, I'm all ears! 

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